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Why Your Next Vacation Needs to Be a Retreat

As the world begins to open again, most of us are already thinking about a vacation plan. Do we even need an excuse to get away after being cooped up for almost a year? Of course not! The very moment you think about vacation, you feel excited, and all fired up to block your calendar. But wait up, let this sink in - you are planning for a break after a year of living inside a bubble! And when the time comes to choose the perfect break, you settle for a typical travel destination?

Take a moment, pause, and ask yourself, “ Am I looking to just stay away from my routine or wanting a deeper experience that relaxes, recharges, and heals my mind and body.”

If you answered “yes” to the deeper experience, you need a retreat, not a regular vacation. A retreat experience offers far more benefits than a regular vacation simply because a retreat has a purpose and extends long-term benefits. A study published in the journal Translational Psychiatry reveals that regular vacation provides short-lived benefits. In contrast, a vacation that combines meditation confers long-term benefits such as improved metabolism.

A retreat is far more superior to a regular vacation because it is an intentional way to cut away from the mundane. The setting, the food, and the activities align with the intent to nourish your mind, body, and soul. Unlike a regular vacation, it nurtures mindfulness and bestows abundance. So, retreats are indeed a special experience. If you are wondering how beneficial it could be, check out these benefits of a retreat experience,

Heals: There is plenty of evidence that spending time in nature and longer exposure to natural environments bring down physical and psychological stress.

Invigorating: The view of nature, the fresh air, and the closeness to nature energize you in ways you can never imagine.

Purposeful: A retreat is an intentional way towards investing in health

Informal: The probability of meeting like-minded people is very high.

Open-minded: You will become more receptive and open-minded because you will begin to have a different perspective on life.

Remember, the purpose of a break is to relax and recharge, not micromanage things as in a regular vacation. A retreat takes care of everything – food preferences, accommodations, reservations, activities, location, and more. The outcome is that you will focus only on the experience and your well-being.

At Samadhi Health we want to make sure you experience life’s abundance to the maximum. Our retreats are one of a kind experiences that you will love to come back and share with loved ones. Immerse yourself in the wellness activities, great food, meditation, yoga, and the host country's exotic culture while checking off your bucket-list destination. Our retreat’s ambience and serenity make it easier to be grounded and be present throughout the experience. We invite you to enjoy the benefits and experience life in abundance in our retreats.

Ready to unwind and recharge? Join our next retreat


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